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RCF President
Evgeny Arkhipov

Dear Sport Friends,

The Russian Canoe Federation is pleased to invite you to take part in the

2014 ICF Canoe Sprint World Сhampionships.

It is a great honor for us to welcome the strongest athletes on kayaks and canoe from all over the world.

We received the right to carry out this championship 4 years ago. Since then the rowing and canoeing course ”Krylatskoye” has completely changed: the sports complex was renewed dramatically as it was not renovated since the Olympic Games in 1980 were held in Moscow.

The modern course “Krylatskoye” will offer you new boathouse with the changing rooms and showers, fine 5-storeyed finish tower with the elevator and all necessary modern equipment, dining room for 300 persons, connecting water passes between racing and warm-up channels on 1100 and 600 m, new electronic screen, the television monorail road on the last 200 finishing meters of a distance. We are very grateful to the Government of Moscow for the help and support in development of our beautiful sport.

Welcome to Moscow!

Come and see with your own eyes how modern and comfortable the Moscow Rowing and Canoeing Course has become for athletes, coaches, officials and spectators.

The Russian Canoe Federation together with the World Championship's Organizing Committee will do the utmost for you to get the brightest impressions of the competition and Moscow itself. We wish you success on water lines of Rowing and Canoeing Course “Krylatskoye”!

Evgeny Arkhipov